Helping Stepmom Get Stretched Out

Gina Gerson does whatever she can to keep herself fit, but sometimes she needs some help with her exercise. When her stepson, Raul Costa, gives her a call, Gina can’t hide her annoyance. Raul goes on to barge in on Gina, who tries to tell him to go away. Raul doesn’t take the hint, so Gina decides to have him help her stretch. While they’re stretching, Gina spies the huge hardon in Raul’s shorts.Although Raul tries to hide his stiffie once he realizes Gina has spotted it, she insists that she wants to see. Once she gets her hands on that big one, she can’t help but lean her head forward and begin sucking it. Raul puts up only a token resistance before giving in to his stepmom’s seduction. Leaning back, he enjoys a nice blowie and then goes in to lap at his stepmama’s pussy in return. Once Gina is nice and wet, Raul gives in to her pleas to take things even further.Stepping between Gina’s parted thighs, Raul slides on home. Gina moans long and loud, especially once she gets on her knees so Raul can fuck her from behind. That lovely ass provides the perfect anchor for him to hang on and really drive deep. When Raul gets on the floor, Gina doesn’t hesitate to come on down and sink onto his fuck stick. Her stiffie ride shifts from cowgirl to reverse cowgirl, giving Gina plenty to gasp and whimper about. On her back with Rual spooned behind her, Gina throws her head back for one last big O before her stepson pulls out to blow his load on her stomach, covering her tan lines.