Bringing Them Up Right – S1:E6

Dani Jensen has called her friend Slimthick Vic over to talk about some concerns she has with their sons. She has overheard the boys, Alex Mack and Lucky Fae, saying some things that make her wonder what on earth they’re learning from the dirty videos they’re watching. Dani suggests that the best way to break their sons of the bad habits they’re learning is to date each other’s sons. Vic thinks about it for a bit, but ultimately agrees that that’s a good way for them to guide their sons and teach them how to respect women.The date itself turns out to be successful, but when Dani offers Alex a goodnight kiss he goes right in to grope her big boobs. Vic calls her son out for mauling Ms. Jensen, but Dani soothes her friend by suggesting that they help the boys learn how to give proper goodnight kisses. Soon, Dani tells Vic that the boys will get blue balls if they don’t help them cum. Vic puts up some token resistance, but she really wants to get Lucky’s cock as much as Dani wants Alex’s. Now that the boys have been given permission, they can sit back and relax as their friend’s moms pull out their cocks to stroke. Dropping to their knees, the girls each go to town sucking their friend’s sons off.Sitting the guys down, Dani and Vic go for some real fun. Dani mounts Alex’s cock in reverse cowgirl, while Vic gives Lucky the cowgirl treatment. Vic falls to her back with Lucky between her thighs, and Dani goes for it in doggy. When it’s Vic’s turn for a pussy pounding in doggy, she takes it with glee while leaning forward to suck on Dani’s tits as the redhead gets it on her back. Alex pulls out to nut on Dani’s muff, while Vic gets her bottom covered in cum by Lucky. The moms propose that they all do this type of date night every week.